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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does source its vehicles from?

Our vehicles come from Central America. We specialize in Land Cruisers specifically diesel left hand drive non US Domestic Market variants. Non US domestic market vehicles were not available in the US and Canada. 

Where are the vehicles located?

Central America

Where are the vehicles manufactured?

All vehicles are manufactured in Japan

What ports in the United States do you ship to?

We ship mainly to the port of Miami though we ship also to the west coast.

What's involved in importing a vehicle from a foreign country?

A lot for sure! Locating the vehicles, performing  pre-purchase inspection, transaction coordination, facilitation of  shipping and insurance, procurement of customs clearance,  pickup from port, are some of the parts of process. We do the work for you!  From buying to delivery, we take care of  all steps. We provide the possiblity to for the customer to relax, have fun and enjoy their non-US vehicle purchase experience.  

What is the turn around time between making first payment  & the delivery of the vehicle at port of Miami?

Approximately 30 days.

What is the timeline of the importing process?

Day 1 Vehicle is reserved.
Day 2 prepare vehicle for export wash and wax
Day 3,4 paperwork at local central american DMV
Day 5,6,7 paperwork at central american government export office vehicle is ready for export
Day 8 transportation to cargo ship
Day 9-20 transportation from central america to miami could be less or more depending on stops of ship.
Day 21-27 us customs clearance at port of miami generally a day to clear customs though if there are any deep searches it could take up to 6 days.
Day 28 pick up truck at port of miami

In which currency are the prices in?

USD United States of America Dollars

What are the payment terms?

Payment Terms

We accept letter of credit or wire transfer.

Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit, often abbreviated as L/C is a letter from a financial institution normally a bank assuring that correct payment from buyer has been received on time. In case of used cars it is a document or a written commitment by a bank of a buyer or importer assuring payment to the seller or exporter of used cars provided certain concrete documents are presented to bank by the exporter.

The documents should prove that the exporter has performed his duties under a precisely-defined contract and the car or vehicle has been supplied as agreed within fixed time frame. In return for these documents, the beneficiary or exporter receives payment of specified sum in specified currency from the financial institution normally a bank that issued the letter of credit. 

The documents the exporter generally presents to the bank includes original Bill of Lading or Air waybill, commercial or purchase invoice, certificate of origin, insurance certificate, packing list etc

The Letter of Credit process: 

Buyer applies to open the L/C to the seller through a bank who can open the L/C in his country.

Buyers bank takes the responsability to make the payment on behalf of the buyer upon receiving the documents from the seller. 

Seller will check all the terms and conditions listed in the L/C. If all terms and conditions are acceptable, seller will arrange the shipment within the time specified in the L/C.

The captain will issue the Bill of Lading to the seller once the goods are loaded onto the ship without any damage.

Seller will submit the BoL and other documents to the bank issuing the letter of credit to collect the payment. Only with Bill of Lading, one can claim the ownership of the goods.

The bank will inform the buyer that the bill of lading has been received.

To get Bill of Lading and other necessary documents, the buyer should make payment.

With all the relevant documents, buyer can clear the Customs smoothly and pick up the goods after they arrive at the destination sea port.


Wire Transfer 

Wire Transfer Process

The payment terms would consist of a an initial 80% wire transfer upfront to Sion Ventures, LLC's (a company registered as a Florida LLC) US Wells Fargo bank account to secure the vehicle for the buyer and the remaining 20% via another wire transfer to Sion Ventures, LLC upon sending the buyer a copy of the vehicle export permit. Upon receipt of full payment, the vehicle would be delivered to the shipping company, which would issue a bill of lading that we would send via a fast courier such as FEDEX or DHL and the buyer would become the consignee or receiver/owner of the vehicle at that time. 

How does guarantee delivery of the vehicle and that you won't take my money and not deliver the vehicle? offers payment through a major north american bank acting as an escrow through the letter of credit . Once the payment is made to the bank, the money would  not be released to from the bank until the bank confirms the arrival of the vehicle in the USA. 

How does guarantee the quality and function of the vehicle?

If a potential buyer would like an assurance of the quality and function of the vehicle, the potential buyer could send the the funds necessary so the vehicle can be taken for a full diagnostic checkup at a local toyota authorized dealer service centers pr independent toyota mechanic. would then send a copy of the toyota authorized dealer service center or independent toyota mechanic full diagnostic checkup to the potential buyer so he can have assurance of the quality and function of the vehicle.

Engine compression checks also are available.

How can I pick up the vehicle at the port of Miami or other port of arrival?

1. Temporary Tags

2. Vehicle Transporter

1. You can apply for temporary tags if available  beforehand from your local DMV and take those to pick up vehicle at the port of arrival and drive your vehicle home.

2. Hire a vehicle transporter that will transport your vehicle to your home. You can get a vehicle transportation quote online instantly at Easy Auto Transport  and at other similar vehicle transporter websites.

How do I register an imported vehicle at the local DMV?

 DMV registration regulation may differ from state of state, but most DMV registration regulation generally require the following :

  • Previous Registration
  • Bill(s) of Sale providing a complete chain of transfers and ownerships
  • One of the following U.S. Customs Entry Forms
  • Stamped US Customs and Border Patrol CBP form 7501 provides all the above mentioned documents so the vehicle can be registered at your local DMV.

The vehicles we import are 100% legal across the US. If you can't register it in your state, we will buy it back guaranteed.  California customers must complete an emissions compliance modification performed by California Environmental Engineering in Santa Anna, CA.  Please contact us for more information. 


Aren't wire transfers risky?

Depends on which type of transfers. Wire transfers to a us based bank account are safer than western union wire transfers because US banking regulations require  proof of identity to open US bank accounts which provides more safety in banking transactions.

Is it legal to own, license and drive a non-US market vehicle in my state?

The vehicles we import are 100% legal across the US. If you can't register it in your state we will buy it back guaranteed.  California customers must complete an emissions compliance modification performed by California Environmental Engineering in Santa Anna, CA.  Please contact us for more information. 


What are the shipping routes for USA?

Central America to port of miami

Central America to port of long beach/los angeles

What are the shipping routes for Canada?

Central America to port of miami to  port of St. Johns 

Central America to port of long beach/los angeles to port of Vancouver

What are the import duties for vehicles entering the USA?

For vehicles that are not pickup trucks: 

2.5 % of value of the vehicle, determined by bill of sale, 

For vehicles that are pickups trucks:

25% of value of the vehicle, determined by bill of sale

What are the import duties for vehicles entering in Canada?

Import Duty:

Import Duty is only applicable to non-NAFTA vehicles and is calculated at 6.1% of the value of the vehicle, determined by bill of sale. NAFTA cars are vehicles that have been manufactured or have been assembled in Canada, the US or Mexico with a minimum of 55% content. 


 Whenever any vehicle (new or used) is imported into Canada it is subject to a GST tax of 5% of the value of the vehilce, determined by bill of sale.

Air Conditioning Excise Tax:

Excise tax on vehicles equipped with a/c:  CAD $100

How does a vehicle being shipped to Canada stop in the USA if the USA doesn't allow vehicles with an age of less than 25 years old in the country?

In this case  the vehicle would enter US Territory but not US Customs Territory. As it is not entering US customs territory the vehicle wouldn't need to clear US customs and pay import duty, instead as its going to canada at the port of miami the vehicle would enter a free trade zone, in the US it is called a foreign trade zone, for what is called a transshipment.

Transshipment is the act of off-loading a container from one ship (generally at a hub port) and loading it onto another ship to be further carried to the final port of discharge

So technically the vehicle wont actually enter the USA as it wouldn't leave the port of miami foreign trade zone becuause it would be prepared for transhipment to canada.

For a vehicle being shipped to Canada with a stop in the USA do I have to pay import duty in the USA?

That is up to the buyer. 2 options are available depending on the vehicle age :

Vehicle age 25 years or older

1. Pay import duties in usa and trailer or drive the vehicle on to canada.

Vehicles age 15 years or older

2. Get a Transport and Export bond and have the vehicle trailered to canada.

There is no import duty to be paid to USA for a vehicle being shipped from central america to canada with a stop in the USA because the vehicle is being transshipped to Canada. 

Does clear customs for the vehicles it exports? hires expert Licensed Customs Brokers for the purpose of clearing customs for vehicles being imported to USA and or Canada.

Will assist in exporting a vehicle I already own to North America?

For those who already own a land cruiser or vehicle in Central America and would like to export it to North America, offers a export broker service to assist in exporting vehicles from central america to North America. 

Will find a vehicle for me that is not listed on based on my criteria?

If you have something in mind please contact us here so we can find the specific vehicle you would like.

Does import vehicles different than Land Cruisers or Toyota 4x4's?

Even though we specialize in Land Cruisers, we can import whichever vehicle you would like.

Is able to import non Canadian domestic market vehicles  that are newer than 15 years old into Canada?

Vehicles that are non canadian domestic market that are newer than 15 years old are not able to be imported to Canada due to a very expensive customization process set up by the Canadian authorities.

Is able to import non us domestic market vehicles that are newer than 25 years old into the USA?

Vehicles that are non us domestic market that are newer than 25 years old are not able to be imported to the USA due to a very expensive customization process set up by the EPA and the DOT.

Does perform maintenance or repair Land Cruisers that are for sale?

Sure! If you like to perform maintenance on the vehicle you would like to purchase from Land Cruiser Mart. We can set up any type of maintenance, build, or restoration project. Labor costs in central america are more economical than USA so sometimes it makes sense to perfrom maintenance on your vehicle in central america before it arrives in the USA.

What's the process for finding a vehicle specifically for me not listed on

We begin with a in depth inquiry to determne your requirements. We set up the costs for perfroming the search. To perform a search necesitates a $450 fee and a 10 percent deposit fully refundable based on estimated total cost.  Once we have your requirements , we start the search. From there, we source candidates, provide you a opportunity to require further inspection and decide with a yes or no . Once you decide on a vehicle we require payment in full based on costs of shipping, transport and import and the process of import starts. Once the vehicle is purchased, we require full payment for the remaining balance based on actual costs of transport, shipping and import.  The final invoice includes a $200 administrative fee.

What makes different from other importers?

We offer the best vehicles at the best prices. We feel we are different in that most other importers offer mostly right hand drive vehicles. We specialize in Left Hand drive vehicles. We offer vehicles with proven credentials, compression tests, service records, etc. We make sure to do it right.

Can do maintenance or upgrades based on my requests?

Sure!  We are a full service shop with the ability to do basic maintenance to a total restoration.  Just ask!

Is it hard to find parts for non-US Land Cruisers?

Quick answer is no. It mostly depends on which part you are searching for. More than 50 per cent of drivetrain related parts can be acquired directly from Toyota through any of their dealerships with the part number. Electronics, trim and interior can be a more difficult to locate, having said that  there are  a great number of parts available in Canada and Australia, places where these vehicles have been since many years ago. One place you can start at is Cruiser Outfitters.  If finally you can’t locate something you need, LCM gives parts sourcing assistance lifetime for the duration of your ownership of the vehicle.

Does provide vehicle financing?

We do not provide financing, but we will coordinate with your lending institution to procure financing. Your local bank or credit union provide the best rates. Specialty financing companies who cater solely on classic and collectible vehicle purchases such as JJ Best Banc & Company also are an option. We can assist with inspections and appraisal data to facilitate for you the loan you need.

Are accessories and aftermarket upgrades like lift-kits available?

Most definitely yes!. Land Cruisers have plentiful aftermarket support due to their popularity and excellence. Land Cruisers and Non us domestic market Toyota vehicles count with a good number of aftermarket accessories, performance upgrades and replacement parts. Cruiser Outfitters  provides a US based option for non US domestic market oem Toyota parts. We can also perform a build on your truck using parts from Cruiser Outfitters and other vendors.

Can US mechanics and service shops work on these vehicles?

Most definitely yes. Any good diesel specialist shop can service and rebuild the engines and fuel systems. Other drive train components are similar or the same to the US spec Land Cruisers and can be serviced and rebuilt at almost any professional repair shop specializing in those items.  If you’re having an issue with something, LCM offers lifetime tech support for the duration of your ownership of the truck

Does have inventory other than what's on our website?

 If you would like something different from the website, contact us about starting a locating agreement with LCM.


Does provide marine cargo shipping insurance?

Yes we include comprehensive marine cargo shipping insurance for all vehicles shipping from central america to north america in our listed prices.

Does provide US customs clearance?

Yes we include US customs clearance in our listed price. 

Does provide overland shipping?

No we don't include overland shipping from the vehicles US port of entry. We provide the vehicle landed at the port of entry,  generally miami, with US Customs Clearance. Inland Transportation from the port of entry onwards is the buyers obligation.









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